Prayer Requests


Pray for Soul Sisters, that God will bring women with a heart for Him, a heart to love Him freely, 

and experience freedom from strongholds - May 29, 2012

Mariah is a 17 year old that has a cancerous tumor the size of a small basketball surrounding 1/3 of her heart and causing pressure on her lung. She has also developed a blood clot in one of her major arteries. pray for this young lady and her entire family. We will pray for strength and peace for Mariah and her family and wisdom for the doctors. We will pray for the miracle of a complete healing, a healing that will drive out all infirmity and sickness from Mariah’s body and be restored to full health.  Also that the Lord will remove all fear and doubt from Mariah’s heart by the power of the Holy Spirit, so that our heavenly Father may be glorified through Mariah’s life. Thank you for your faithfulness.  May 25, 2012

Please pray for my little sister M, she is in jail facing alot of time in prison. Let Gods will be done in her life ultimately leading to her Salvation in Jesus Christ.  Thank you.  1/29/13

Dear Prayer Warriors,
I work with a man, Jeff, who is not a believer.  He has pancreatic cancer and it does not look good for him.  I pray he accepts Christ as his Lord and savior.  Will you also pray for him?  
Satan has a hold on Jeff and he needs Christ badly.  Please pray that Jeff opens his heart and mind to Christ.  Oh, I want to see Jeff in heaven!  
February 8, 2013

A friend of mine forwarded me your link and mentioned that I could ask you guys for prayer. My son Gabriel has been diagnosed with cancer and so I am requesting that he be lifted up in prayer. His diagnosis is salivary gland cancer. We are currently waiting for some more results from Stanford to know what our next step is. He is only 21.  Thank you.  2/10/13


Thought I would give you an update on my son Gabriel. We went to see his surgeon today for results from Stanford.. results concluded that he has intermittent cancer. Which is in between the low grade and high grade. He's going to have to have radiation and chemotherapy and maybe another surgery to remove more tissue around his tongue.  He sees an oncologist tomorrow. Thank you for your continued prayers.

Please pray for my daughter Leah, whose much needed surgery, according to three doctors now, has once again been

postponed because the insurance does not classify it urgent!   Thank you!

Shirley - 6/26/13

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